Key Stage 4

Firstly, if you’re not sure what you’d like to do when you leave school, try the SACU careers quiz for some pointers. 

In KS4, we tailor our programme so that students are supported through the transition to Post 16 plans in a number of ways:

  • Promoting the notion of lifelong learning, exploring careers and Post 16 options are explored via PSHE lessons
  • Raising students’ self-awareness whereby they are encouraged to identifying their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Increasing awareness of occupational opportunities – locally, nationally and globally

CareersBox video shorts shown in form time raise awareness of a number of different career opportunities across a range of sectors.

Students can self refer to our CEIAG advisor for further support
Year 11 students also have the opportunity to discuss potential career pathways and Higher Education aspirations during their Sixth Form interview.

The Department for Education have produced this useful animation to help inform you of your choices in Post-16 provision.

Please click here to access ‘Steering your teen towards securing a job – a parents’ guide.’
Please click here to access a Parents’ Guide to Apprenticeships and you’ll find the student guide here.
Please click here to read a ‘Jobs for Tomorrow – Parents’ Guide
Please click here to access a ‘Employability & Skills Guide
Please click here to access a ‘Applying to Higher Education’ guide
Please click here to read a ‘Parents and Carers’ Guide to opportunities for school leavers
Please click here to access a ‘Helping your child begin their career journey’ booklet
Please click here to access. This is a free online training platform which contains accredited, video-based courses covering key careers, employability and well-being.

Working Options in Education is a charity which helps young people (14-18) to aim high and fulfil their potential. They offer young people multiple interactions with employers, including expert insight from industry, skills workshops, online content, and access to industry events, work experience and placements.

What job should I do?

Not everyone knows what they want to do for their future career. If you’re unsure, why not watch this quick video from Success for Schools to help you think about what you could do.